Check your proofs with Bitcoin Testnet

Fri, 10 November 2017

If you’re new to Bitcoin or just wanting to experiment with blockchain applications, there’s an alternative Bitcoin blockchain called Testnet that is free to use.

If you want to try out our Proof of Existence service before committing to a transaction on the main Bitcoin blockchain, we have deployed a copy of the site at that accepts Testnet coins and creates docproofs on the Testnet3 network.

The advantages of using Testnet are that transactions tend to be confirmed faster, and it does not require buying or spending real bitcoins.

There are some disadvantages, however. Since Testnet is used for serious protocol stress-testing and even network attacks, it can perform erratically and become unreliable.

You should also be aware that Testnet could change at any time and so does not guarantee a proof of existence in the way that the real Bitcoin blockchain does.

Nevertheless, there is no risk to trying it out. We invite you to use for sampling our service or testing your applications in a live environment.

The Testnet wiki page has more information on how to create and fund a testnet wallet.