Tue, 1 May 2018 has been released as a public service !

The original Proof of Existence project was first released as a personal, open-source project by Manuel Araoz and Esteban Ordano in 2013. In 2016, Manuel began a rewrite of the core software using Node.js, in order to connect it to the growing ecosystem of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related packages and libraries written in JavaScript.

In December 2017, the PoEx team took up the development mantle to improve the codebase. The goal was to work toward a larger and more stable open source release.

Today, we are announcing the release of, as the first open-source public service to certify documents in the BTC blockchain.

The proofofexistence organization will continue to improve the software and surrounding services. We focus on the ease-of-use and quality of the core functionalities to make data and metadata from the Bitcoin blockchain more availabile.

You can start testing it today at

Any feedback or questions can be sent at!

Stay tuned for more!

Onwards, The Poex Team