Distributed Systems Exhibition at Gray Area Festival 2018 Review

Mon, 20 August 2018

Distributed Systems Opening

PoEx sponsored the Distributed Systems exhibition at the Gray Area Festival in San Francisco. The “#distributedsystems” show is the largest curated exhibition of Blockchain, distributed and decentralized artworks. 19 artworks by 30 international artists were shown at the opening of the Festival on July 26th with the exhibition open to the public until August 3. Thousands of people saw the works from the festival to show closing.

The Tetrapylon and Simon Denny's Piece

Highlights from the exhibition included one of the earliest Bitcoin and Blockchain-based artworks by artist Simon Denny’s. His piece, Modded Server Rack Display: Hacking Trust (2015) includes instructions a Bitcoin miner and stood as a column next to another column-like work. New Palmyra’s Tetrapylon stood out as one of largest 3d printed artworks ever constructed and had the distinction of being placed onto the Ethereum blockchain and at the event on Bitcoin blockchain on Proof of Existence.

The Tetrapylon and the Blockchain by Christopher Adams

Chief Architect of PoEx’s Proof of Existence, Christopher Adams, spoke at the festival about what it means to release something onto the Blockchain, technically. He also discussed the New Palmyra Tetrapylon, how it was created in collaboration with Creative Commons, RE:3D and a community of artists from New Palmyra.

Rob Myer's Flags Artwork

Artist Rob Myers 2018 work, SchellingFlags. As Myers describes the piece, it is a “blockchain-based system for establishing the aesthetics and allegiances of flags in a decentralized way.” Myers continues, “Using the blockchain, SchellingFlags supports the construction and use of flags as ideological focal points for decentralized social co-ordination. Any individual can create and share a flag, and any individual can support it. The most popular flags are displayed by the SchellingFlags graphical interface to provide a map of its ideological landscape.”

Gray Area Director and Distributed Systems Curators

A photo at the entrance of the exhition with Gray Area Founder and Executive Director Josette Melchor, along with Distributed Systems Curator, Barry Threw.

Shenzhen the New Bay Area by Clement Renaud

In addition to the artworks shown at the festival, theorist and PoEx developer Clement Renaud discussed his research on manufacturing in the “Greater Bay Area”, meaning Shenzhen, standing in stark contrast to the traditional San Francisco Bay Area where the festival took place.

Renaud pointed out the foundations for the hardware powering the Blockchain and cryptocurrency scene, how and where they were made. Also of note, is some documentation on this scene, and not to be missed, Proof of Hardware with knowledge building from Mr. Renaud and others affiliated with PoEx.

PoEx is proud to have sponsored the Gray Area Festival and Distributed Systems exhibition and looks forward to future creative technology projects expanding upon the innovation of the blockchain. If you are building some technology using one of our projects such as Proof of Existence of Proof of Hardware, let us know @poexio.